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Undocumented Students

Last evening I attended a Community College Trustee meeting.  During this meeting a trustee was resigning to move out of state and take a position in Washington DC.  As you can imagine there were many presentations and well wishes for this long time trustee.  I must point out, at the risk of sounding racist <<snark>>  that this trustee is black and Hispanic (depending on what type of event he is attending <<more snark>>).  The accolades were deserved as this member, although I didn’t agree with many of his initiatives or policies, put many, many hours of service into his tenure.

An alumni student stood to speak and praise the retiring member.  He spoke of how this trustee was a mentor to him especially as he was an undocumented student and sometimes felt discriminated against.  Now I’m not going to go into the whole undocumented student thang right now, as I don’t know when this young man came to this country, he may have been 2 years old, he may have been 16, I don’t know.  And I am not going to condemn him for the illegal activities of his family or their reasons for coming here illegally, because I don’t know those circumstances.

This student graduated from community college and then wanted to go on to higher education.  Good for him!  He applied to Rutgers University and was accepted.  Again, good for him!

It was when he continued his story that I got a little “antsy” in my seat.

This student contacted the trustee to help him get a scholarship to the college.  At the prodding of the trustee the college gave him a partial scholarship.  But that wasn’t enough, he wanted a free ride (my words not his), so again this trustee went to bat for him and fought to get him a full scholarship to Rutgers University.  WOW!

After this student told his story, the audience erupted in applause.  Applause?  What am I missing?  If this student was worthy of a scholarship, wouldn’t Rutgers have offered him one when he applied?

I have 3 children, 2 have graduated college, my oldest daughter from University of Delaware, my son from Penn State and my youngest daughter is in her sophomore year at Monmouth University, except for a partial scholarship my oldest received from Delaware, I have paid for my children’s’ education.  We’ve taken out student loans that will mean that I will probably be working till I’m 70.

Like I said at the onset, I don’t want to condemn this student for the actions of his parents.  But, it seemed from the story, that he got that free ride to Rutgers because he was undocumented.  Are we now rewarding bad or illegal behavior or am I completely off base and cold and uncaring?  Because, I’ve got to tell you I was pissed off all night by this.  Thoughts?

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