A little bit about me and right dish

Right after the turn of the century (I’ve been dying to say that) I was a feature writer on a local blog.  I was known as the Kitchen Elf and I wrote charming yet snarky columns that had an accompanying recipe.  I developed a pretty decent local following.  At the time I was raising my family and teaching art semi-part time at my children’s school.  I signed up for this writing gig to gain writing experience and to maybe parlay it into something more.

What it turned into was nothing I every aspired to or dreamed of.  I’ll explain all that another time, but in a nutshell; I got into local politics, ran for election and beat (badly I may say), the 8 plus year incumbent, I served my 4 year term, ran for another term, won handedly and served as my town’s mayor.  I chose not to run for a 3rd term, as by this time I was working in County Government as the Chief of Staff for the highest elected official in my county of just under 1 million people, and this keeps me pretty busy.

Yea, it’s been quite a ride.

So now here I am again, longing for those simpler times; missing the cooking, the creativity, the freakin’ coziness of those early days.  But I’m not the same elf I was 10 plus years ago.

I want Right Dish to be A Food & Family Community where we share our Love of Good Food, Baking, Gardening, Preserving, Entertaining, Homestead, Family and simpler times.  I hope you will join me – stay for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

God Bless America!

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