Super Bowl Cake


Disclaimer: I am NOT a cake decorator – this is NOT my forte! That said, my son gave me the new #Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro for Christmas, and I decided to crack it open and try it out on this cake. It’s not bad and I think with a bit of practice I may conquer my cake decorating fear. Now onto the cake!

I did not have a football shaped cake pan so I improvised and used an Easter Egg cake pan that I did have. I used a standard yellow cake recipe (you could use a box mix for convenience and any flavor you like) and baked the 2 cake halves for about 40 minutes, turned them out and let them cool.

Next I evened out the tops of the cakes so they would fit together evenly. I then had to sculpt the fat ends of each cake so that they would look like a football and not an Easter Egg, this was easier than it sounds (use a serrated knife for this). I also cut a thin piece off the half that would be the bottom so it would sit flat on my serving plate.

I removed a little bit of the cake from the top of the bottom half and made a well so I could fill the cake. I filled the cake with a little bit of lemon curd that I had leftover from last weekend’s limoncello cupcakes (you can search for the recipe), added some sliced strawberries and a layer of whipped cream and put the top on the cake.

I made a standard chocolate buttercream frosting (tinted with a little red paste food coloring to get that “football” look) and did a crumb coat on the cake and used my thin spatula to mark off the football design on the cake then I refrigerated the cake for about 30 minutes.

Time to decorate this bad boy: I used a small star tip and followed the lines I made to fill in all the brown parts of the cake.


I made a simple white buttercream and piped on the white using a decorating ruffle tip and the small star tip for the “laces”. That’s all there is to it – If I can do it so can you!




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